ScreenSeps Beta is now available

Use it to generate your separations and print shirts today!

  • ScreenSeps work area demo of color separation preview


ScreenSeps is a refreshingly simple to use, yet very flexible and highly accurate simulated process color separation application for screen printers. You can use it right now, without any downloads or installation, right in your browser!

Exceptional quality

ScreenSeps has some features which are very important for the quality of your simulated process prints and which are completely unique. Your art is analyzed to find out how best to screenprint it. Adding, removing, changing and reordering separations is a snap. Separations are highly accurate.


ScreenSeps is very easy to use. Just drop an image into the workspace, change some colors to your liking, and download the seps! Depending on your needs, 1 single minute may be all the time it takes to get your art separated! To find out more about how to use ScreenSeps, please visit the tutorial page.

A work in progress

Note that even though the separation engine itself is highly accurate, this is only a beta test. Some things may need adjusting such as the colors chosen (which can be changed freely), and the correction curves. With a bit of tweaking, your prints will look great. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality even at this experimental stage.

Getting Started


ScreenSeps uses some very cutting edge technologies to accomplish the task of producing awesome simulated process seps, some of which are officially still experimental. This means that you may encounter some errors that may prevent you from being able to use ScreenSeps in your favorite browser. It’s been tested to work in the current versions of Chrome, FireFox and Opera, where FireFox seems to be the most stable. Safari should be able to run it as well. Internet Explorer will likely be able to run ScreenSeps in the future, but not yet.¬†If ScreenSeps does not work in your browser, try running it in Chrome or FireFox.

WebGL logoNote that you must have WebGL¬†enabled and your graphics drivers should be up to date. There are other considerations, but since it’s still in beta, I can’t guarantee it will work on any particular setup. If you have questions, just leave some feedback in ScreenSeps work space.


You can create a new project by simply dragging a new image into the work space. If there’s already an image loaded, it will be replaced. You can access your projects with the projects button. While in beta, projects storage has no guarantees and projects may vanish for no particular reason at all, so don’t delete your originals.

Your account

If you are logged in when you create a project, it’s added to your account. If you are not logged in, projects are added to a temporary account, which disappears as soon as you close your browser window. You can keep your projects simply by logging in or signing up.

When you’re logged in, you’ll find all your projects in your account, including the ones you created while you were not logged in. When you log out, all your projects become inaccessible from that computer. If you’re not logged in, close the browser to block access your projects.

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